Chargifi updates: Onwards and Upwards

April 30, 2018

Onwards and Upwards

Now with our funding round completed and summer around the corner, thoughts for many are turning to holidays, but not for the team at Chargifi.

We’ve just returned from HITEC Amsterdam (read our recap here), where we met with hospitality leaders to discuss the most effective way to manage and monitor wireless power for their businesses. Smart wireless power is clearly in high demand, bringing value for both brands and guests in connection with analytics. This is further proven with our latest case study with a global hotel client – it’s no longer ‘if’ wireless power is deployed, but ‘when’ and ‘how’.

Global hotel brand sees 64% increase in customer spend with Chargifi

Earlier this year we deployed Chargifi’s smart wireless charging solution for a major global hotel brand. By joining together Chargifi’s data with the hotel’s point-of-sale system, we saw a 64% increase in bar takings from each seat in the bar area. These results show people stayed longer and spent more while charging wirelessly, even with guests commenting on the great user experience, saying “This would be the reason I come back!”


We are back in the US for some key events in May. From 8th – 10th May, we’ll be at the Intel Global Summit. Chargifi wireless charging will be available at the event, drop in any time to recharge and meet with us.

We are heading to IoT World in Santa Clara with our partner Losant from 14th – 17th May to discuss smart wireless charging and how it can integrate with IoT strategies. If you’d like to meet us at the event, do get in touch.

Our latest funding round reflects the increasingly important role of wireless in the world around us.

“Wireless charging is tipped to be become as transformative as Wi-Fi was to dial-up internet connections” – The Telegraph


Apple AirPower launch gets closer
The launch of Apple’s Airpower is drawing closer, signalling increased mass adoption of wireless charging in the home and everywhere. Find out the latest here.

Roads of the future

China is now testing a stretch of smart highway that could allow electrical vehicles to receive data about traffic and weather, as well as the potential to wirelessly power EVs as they drive.  Our vision of a wireless world from phones to EVs is happening.  Read more

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