Chargifi updates: Wireless power takes flight

March 29, 2018

Wireless power takes flight

Wireless power is set to make a huge difference to many areas of our lives. From phones to drones, hotel rooms to shops, travel lounges to planes, the wireless world is coming, and is set to transform how we use these public spaces and interact with brands when in them.

The benefits for consumers will be considerable, and those businesses that choose to embrace wireless power will have a competitive edge. We explore the potential of wireless in the travel sector below, and in April are due to meet with our partners in the hospitality sector to discuss the role of wireless charging in the hotel room, shop and restaurant of the future.

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We are heading to Amsterdam for the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference HITEC next month to join our partners to discuss the future of the hospitality sector. If you’re heading to the show and would like to meet up please get in touch.

The potential of wireless power to improve travel experience

Silhouetted figures walking through an airport at sunset

Whether travelling by train or plane – there is enormous potential for wireless power to improve the passenger experience. With mobile devices at the centre of our world, we now expect to access mobile services everywhere. Smart wireless power offers a number of opportunities for both those travelling and the wider travel sector.

As well as the obvious benefits to help travellers stay connected throughout their journey, wireless power has the ability to gather unique and rich data from travellers as they use it, allowing travel brands to understand exactly where their customers are at on a micro level. Such data can be combined with loyalty programmes to keep travellers engaged, by making their journeys more efficient and their brand interactions more relevant.

Find out more about the potential of smart wireless power to improve the travel experience on our blog.

Image of a woman's head filled with circuit boards and lights alongside the words 'Tech Goddesses'

With International Women’s Day just behind us, it’s a good time to reflect on an important question it raises for our industry – why are there so few women working in technology? According to the stats, only 17% of the people working in technology are women, and we believe it’s time things changed.

Our Head of Sales and Marketing Helen Attia took part in Shine Magazine’s Tech Goddesses Series, that highlights inspiring female role models in the technology space (from page 66).

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