Chargifi updates: Dave’s Hierarchy Of Needs

May 31, 2018

Dave’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Google had it spot on earlier this month at Google I/O 2018, when they featured ‘Dave’s Hierarchy of Needs’, with power being the basis for everything: No power = no internet, no emails, no applications, no nothing.

This is why we are so passionate about building the infrastructure needed to power the future.

That future hurtles closer every day, with the much-anticipated launch of Apple’s AirPower this year and our friends at Qualcomm anticipating wireless charging for electric vehicles being available as soon as 18 months from now.


We attended Intel Capital’s Global Summit earlier this month and spoke with Nasdaq about Chargifi’s vision, team culture and the wireless future. Check out Dan’s interview here.

From June 18 we’ll be at HITEC Houston to discuss the future of hospitality technology with industry leaders.

We’ll also be attending DattoCon in Austin,
connecting with our MSP community, those bringing wireless power to scale in public places.

Wireless power is a no-brainer for the hospitality industry: improved customer experience, rich data about customers, and as we reported last month significant impact on sales. We chatted to Onboard Hospitality about extending that hospitality to travellers too, convenient, wireless power on the go (page 54).

Dan also spoke to The National about how wireless charging changes behaviour:
“Once you get used to it, your whole charging habit changes… you tend to top up in an opportunistic way, rather than driven by necessity. And when you don’t have it, you really miss it.”


Feel anxious when your phone Is almost out of battery? It’s probably ‘nomophobia’
The Wall Street Journal reports on the disease of the times – ‘nomophobia’ – the anxiety we face when our phone is out, or almost out of battery.

EV wireless charging expected within two years

BMW is to start building the world’s first production-ready inductive charging systems in July 2018, and we are set to be able to wirelessly charge electric vehicles at home in the next 18-24 months according to new predictions.

Wireless Charging Will Keep Toxic Waste Out of Landfills

Another positive benefit of wireless charging – wireless charging will soon be compatible with many of today’s mobile devices, providing a universal, way to power up, resulting in fewer discarded chargers in landfill. Read more here.

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