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November 30, 2017

November 2017 | Chargifi Monthly News

Connected Hospitality and the “Smart” Room

With the news that MarriottHilton and AccorHotels are actively developing their “smart” bedrooms, it seems that a connected and intuitive guest experience is now a must-have for hoteliers.

Unsurprisingly, the guest’s own smart phone is key to “powering” the connected technology in its connected room. Earlier this month, the Chargifi team were invited to discuss this concept with executives at a Conrad pitch day, at Hilton’s new Innovation Gallery in McLean, Virginia, hosted by Intel Capital.

Jonathan Wilson, Vice President, Product Innovation and Brand Services for Hilton Worldwide said the technology-forward hotel group are looking for solutions to help them not only stay ahead of the curve, but also for “innovation that manifests itself into an experience that impacts guest perception”.

Tech innovators were invited to share how they would disrupt the status quo in collaborating with Hilton.

Find out more about Chargifi in the hospitality sector.

The Digital Horizon, once you have Wireless Power deployed..

Dan spoke with the team at The Digital Line this month about what’s next for wireless charging as this customer experience in public places hits the mainstream. 73% of us want wireless charging available to us when we’re out of the home, so once the solution is in place in a venue, what does that venue owner do next.

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 We were delighted to be back at the Wireless Power Consortium conference earlier this month, where Dan spoke about Enterprise Wireless Charging alongside other industry leaders.  During the event, WPC announced that their membership has grown 40% in 8 weeks, from 220 to 306 companies, showing the strength of sentiment for wireless charging and the momentum now as this technology scales.

Dan shares his thoughts on frictionless stadia with Sports Business.
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