Meeting bookings at a glance

Make the most of hybrid working with team schedules, meetings and room bookings at your fingertips. Make room check-in easy, and always know when spaces are available and ready for use  – all from your pocket. 

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Bring people back together with ease

Create better meeting experience by making rooms easy to find and meetings simple to schedule - help your teams find the best spaces for collaboration.

Stay on top of room bookings with integrated meeting calendar view

Secure check-in’s so rooms can be autoreleased when there is a no-show

Stay in control of bookings and space with with ‘at a glance’ space analytics

Meeting bookings in one place

All meeting activities visualized in one single view – a simple, seamless booking experience for your people.

  • At-a-glance view of all upcoming meetings and room bookings on the Wx mobile app
  • Interactive floor plan to find and locate available rooms
  • As meetings are booked, in-app floor plans reflect updates in real-time to avoid double booking

Calendar syncs for easy booking

Easy plug and play calendar integration. Wx integrates with the calendar tools your teams already use for faster rollout and adoption.

  • Book meeting rooms directly from calendar and invite colleagues with just a few clicks
  • Search for available meeting rooms, filtered preferred location, capacity and amenities available
  • Real time meeting bookings updates all in one place in the Wx mobile app

Smart, intuitive space management

Get a complete view of all meetings and room availability in one single dashboard, with customizable control to when or who has access to specific spaces.

  • Real-time booking updates mean you have a clear view of who is in or out of the office
  • Automatically free up unused rooms to release no-shows and improve availability
  • Set capacity limits for meeting spaces to keep employees safe
  • Usage data can be synced with cleaning schedules for fast turnaround 

Safe, seamless check-in experience

Managing room facilities using kiosks or tablets can be tricky, as it creates a touchpoint.

  • Touchless room check-in with just a tap on the mobile screen, helped along with a prompt to make sure check-in actually happens
  • Color-coded floor plan view to locate reserved meeting spaces
  • Keep employees safe with self certify process built-in before each check-in

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Room booking on-the-go

Help your team know which rooms are available, and to book spaces on-the-go – so they always have the right space and amenities to make the most of their day.

  • Book available meeting spaces on desktop, on-the-fly via the mobile app or for someone else
  • Find and filter meeting spaces by specifying the date, meeting duration, capacity or types of spaces
  • Customize amenities availability by meeting rooms, so teams can find the best spaces for their tasks at hand

Coming soon

Optimized room availability

Are meeting spaces always booked out during peak days, or are your meeting rooms fit for purpose? Understand how your spaces are being used and optimize to enable people to do their best work.

  • At-a-glance dashboards and reporting on occupancy and unused bookings
  • Improved efficiency by getting more usage from less spaces with visibility and insights on usage trends 
  • Improve meeting experience by knowing demand for rooms in advance with better forecast

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