Imperial College London

Imperial College London blaze a trail by providing convenient power to power hungry students.


Advances in learning techniques have embraced the use of devices inside and outside of the classroom, creating a real need for convenient charging opportunities.

As Imperial College pride themselves on innovating in science and technology, a traditional solution would not do – how could they solve this challenge and prove their trailblazing credentials?


In a recent study, 56% of British adults expressed that wireless charging should be a free, public amenity. It will comes as no surprise those aged 18-24, as many of Imperial College’s students are, were the most likely to feel this way. With the need to not only connect with friends and family but also use their devices in the classroom, a smart charging solution could revolutionise the student experience and enhance learning opportunities.


Chargifi partnered with Imperial College to identify the most popular locations on campus where the charging solution would support the highest numbers of staff and students. The university’s
cafes and communal areas at their South Kensington campus were ideal locations where students could refuel quickly between lectures and pop their devices on charge without losing time hunting for both charger and plug socket.

Business benefits

  1. Enhances the university’s innovative reputation, attracting prospective students.
  2. Maximises student dwell time in cafes, increasing food and beverage sales.
  3. Provides a convenient internal comms platform to drive student loyalty to the university.

Customer benefits

  1. Convenient solution that removes the stress of charging devices between lectures.
  2. Ability to spend more time on campus, engaging with university events and other students.
  3. Enhanced connection with the university and belief it is looking out for its students.

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