Wireless Charging for Coffee Shops

Coffee house boosts revenue through giving customers what they need: caffeine and power through Chargifi.


All food and beverage businesses experience peak times where everyone in the team is rushed off their feet, followed by times when they could even think about putting their feet up.

How could a coffee house boost customer numbers in the quieter times and encourage them to stay longer?


Most of us say ‘goodnight’ to our devices and put them on charge before we go to sleep ourselves meaning we’re raring to go in the morning.

Especially on working days, those devices are flagging by mid-afternoon after we’ve been running around, picking up calls and emails. Handily, mid-afternoon is also when our client, the coffee house, is the quietest so here lay the opportunity.

Most customers pop in to grab coffee and something to eat, usually taking both away with them. Our client knew that one of the best ways to increase sales is to increase a customer’s dwell time in the shop as, on average, a 1% increase in dwell brings an amazing 1.3% increase in sales.


Installing Chargifi’s wireless charging solution meant that this coffee house was able to drive up dwell time as more customers stopped off to enjoy their coffee and food in-house and pop their device on charge. What’s more, through the Chargifi platform, they are now able to analyse customers’ dwell time and look for patterns to support with their staffing and marketing.

Through providing their customers with the two things they need most: caffeine and power, this coffee house has seen an increase in visit numbers, dwell time and sales due to the huge customer value add of free wireless charging.

Business benefits

  1. During quieter times in the afternoon the coffee house’s revenue has increased.
  2. Increase in footfall and dwell time as customers seize the opportunity to wireless charge their devices.
  3. Customer loyalty has soared as this coffee house gives the customer added value for their visit.

Customer benefits

  1. The charging experience is convenient to use, no more worries about being caught out with no battery!
  2. Coffee house presents an everyday opportunity to totally re-charge both body and device.
  3. Enhanced loyalty to the coffee house which is giving the customer more bang for their buck.

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