Wireless Charging for the Enterprise Workplace

Convenient power is the foundation for a great workplace experience.


Employees like to work across different workspaces and with this increased mobility they need access to
power without carrying cables. Also shared resources such as meeting rooms and desks are in high demand and those spaces need to be booked and used efficiently.


Nothing happens without power, and providing the ability for employees to snack on power as they move through spaces could result in a more productive and happier workforce.

Research has shown that over 5 hours of productivity is gained per week simply through being able to work on the go.

The booking system for shared spaces such as meeting rooms and hot desk lacked a way to show presence when a space was actually in use reducing efficiency.


By installing wireless charging throughout workspaces, staff can move between spaces and stay powered up so that they are always connected.

Chargifi platform analytics, help better understand how spaces are being used, and by integrating into booking systems they can enable checking via placing a phone on a spot.

This means ‘no shows’ can be made available, the win-win of getting power while checking into your space is highly appreciate by employees and enhances satisfaction.

Business benefits

  1. Integration with hot desk and meeting room booking software reduces ‘no shows’ and increases availability.
  2. Employees are more productive and happier as they don’t have to spend time looking for power or resources.
  3. Better working environment as employees can choose where they work, boosting productivity and
  4. Great workplaces attracts top talent. ‘Workplace experience is the new company car’.

Employee benefits

  1. Convenient power means employees stay connected for an enhanced employee experience.
  2. Increased availability of resources, less time wasted looking for a free space.
  3. Easy and intuitive way of checking in or booking resources.
  4. Better working environment boosts productivity and happiness at work.

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