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How does Chargifi smart wireless charging work?

We power amazing spaces that people want to spend time in. This means providing seamlessly deployed, wireless charging spots to charge the majority of top and mid-range phones from leading manufacturers on the market today.

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A customer places a wireless charging-enabled device on a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot and begins wirelessly charging. The transmitter communicates independently with the receiver embedded in the device to establish the amount of power that should be transmitted wirelessly. No personal identifiable information is communicated between the Chargifi Spot and the mobile device that is being charged.

We are masters at deploying and managing wireless charging at scale, and our cloud-management software gives complete peace of mind, usage analytics, and insights to show how people are engaging with your spaces.

  • Chargifi Spots: Enterprise-grade Qi wireless chargers, supporting both Apple and Samsung FastCharge.
  • Seamlessly installed & easy to set-up: A network of fully certified installation partners, site surveys, and advice on the best options for which products should be deployed and where.
  • Deploy with confidence: Fully managed, end-to-end installation and support from a global network of partners and service providers using the Chargifi Cloud to maintain the health of your wireless charging spots.
  • Customizable branding & messaging: Fully branded or minimally designed stickers to fit with your environment.
  • Make it a success: After installation, we help you raise awareness and understanding of the wireless charging solution with your users and also give insights on how it is being used in your spaces by customers and employees.


Analytics in the Chargifi Cloud

Our solution connects into your existing digital ecosystem and IoT infrastructure, reducing friction, optimizing spaces though occupancy data, and enhancing experiences.

  • Real-time usage data: Sessions, dwell time, and hyper-location data helps you to understand when, where, and how people are engaging with spaces in real-time
  • Engagement insights: Track charging trends for efficient space utilization. They’ll tell  you which areas are frequently busy and which are underutilized.
  • Floor plans for actionable insights: See where your charging locations are being used most frequently by the heat maps shown on your floor plans.

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