5 reasons why wireless charging is great for your business

You’re on the train home just about to send that one, crucial work email before you can relax – then your battery dies. Or you’re in a coffee shop, waiting to meet a potential client, when she calls – but your phone packs up before you can answer. No wonder we get ‘low battery anxiety’.

OK, maybe you should have been more prepared but if we can connect to the internet wherever we go, why can’t we keep our phones charged to make the most of that connectivity? Power, after all, is the foundation for the connected way in which we live and work in 2019.

The savvy consumer knows that you already can, if you know where to look. There are around 720 online searches each month for ‘Starbucks wireless charging’, and a growing number of Pret A Manger branches also have wireless charging hotspots. But wireless charging isn’t as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi, yet. So the first reason wireless charging is great for business, before getting into the more practical benefits for you and your customers, is as a marketing tool.

Here are 5 reasons why wireless charging is great for business:

  1. Wireless charging puts you ahead of the competition

  2. Grow brand loyalty through better customer experience

  3. Personalization based on location data

  4. New and revitalised revenue streams

  5. Cut costs and time spent on service maintenance

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