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Deploy and manage at scale

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Manage your spaces at scale

We are masters at deploying and managing spaces and wireless charging at scale, and our cloud-managed software gives you complete peace of mind with its analytics and insights that show everything is working and how your spaces are being used.

Streams of data are collected from devices and turned into performance KPIs and insights such as up-time and availability. This ensures you maintain SLAs and service delivery. The rules engine triggers alerts when issues arise so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.



Chargifi Spots & LightRing

Enterprise-grade Qi wireless chargers- with LightRing option, supporting both Apple and Samsung FastCharge.


Seamlessly installed & easy to set-up

A network of fully certified installation partners to help with site surveys and advice on the best option for you.


Customizable branding & messaging

Fully branded or minimally designed your device, for specific messaging and to fit with your environment.


Deploy and manage with confidence

Fully managed, end-to-end installation and support from a global network of partners. The health of your network, managed in the cloud, for complete peace of mind.

Analytics & Insights

Real-time usage data

Real-time network status

Cloud-based IoT platform helps you monitor network status in real time and manage updates and fixes take place over the air.

Engagement & usage trends and insights

Track user engagement such as dwell time and hyperlocal data helps to understand when and where people are engaging with your spaces.

Real-time usage data

Real-time usage tracking for efficient space utilization, indicating which areas
are frequently busy and which are underutilized.


Seamless, easy set-up

Simple step-by-step guidance in a simple to use Installer App includes: site surveys, and best practice advice.


Custom design & messaging

Fully branded or minimally designed on device messaging to fit with your environment. Take a look at our recommendations for what to deploy where in our Design Menu & Best Practice guide.


Deploy and manage with confidence

Continuous scanning of the real-time status of your network, to ensure your network is in the best health.

cloud managed network

Deploy and manage with confidence

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