5 ways wireless charging enhances workplace experience

Over the last decade smartphones have increasingly become an integral part of life at the office. To such an extent that Employers are finding ways to harness their employees’ personal devices for productivity gains. 40% of employers are now creating custom mobile applications for specific business processes. Slack, Zoom, Dropbox and other enterprise tools mean an employee can get legitimate work done while away from their desk.

Wi-Fi, connectivity without wires, was the catalyst that finally enabled flexible workplace environments to flourish, but power is still a nagging reminder of the limits of that flexibility. Here are five benefits to cutting the final cord and enabling a new dimension of workplace mobility, productivity and convenience with smart wireless charging.

1. Enhanced productivity

Employers have long worried that mobile usage negatively impacts productivity, but the data might surprise them. Frost & Sullivan estimate that mobile devices add one hour of productivity daily. Furthermore, employees report an overall increase of 34% in efficiency due to their mobile devices.Those are some serious gains, but they’re only as good as the battery life of the devices in question.

Employees who use wireless charging charge their devices more often, and leave their desks with more power than those who don’t. Chargifi’s data demonstrates peak office charging times at 9am, 1pm and 4pm, with many employees charging more than once per day. We call this “power snacking”. When charging is as easy as placing a phone down, battery anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

2. Find employees in flexible workplace environments

When a phone is charging, its owner is probably nearby, and Chargifi’s patented smart wireless charging solution harnesses this data to enhance key corporate services. By embedding Chargifi’s SDK into a corporate mobile app, employers can make use of secure wireless charging data to locate employees in the event of an emergency. The Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots also contains an ibeacon, which when deployed at scale across a smart building increases the density and therefore accuracy of building sensors and helps smart services like wayfinding.

3. Better space occupancy monitoring

Chargifi’s venue management tools provide anonymized data about where and when wireless charging is being used in your office space. It is a cheaper and more autonomous solution than hiring live consultants to observe occupancy, and our dataset provides a dataset that complements wifi occupancy monitoring tools with much higher spatial accuracy.

4. Conference room or shared desk booking

Open floor plans have enhanced communication, but have put private conference space at a premium. While an industry of conference room booking apps have made it possible to digitally reserve an available space, most still require multiple steps to login, view a calendar, select a room, and place a reservation. With Chargifi’s SDK or API, a user can authenticate their presence and book a timeslot just by dropping their phone on a charging spot in the conference room.

phone on a charging spot activating a meeting booking

This data can also be used in flexible workplaces where employees don’t have fixed desks to locate them for package delivery, IT assistance, and other services. Placing a phone on a spot automatically checks the employee in.

5. Common area utility

Many employees have a charger ready to go at their desks, but struggle to stay powered in the conference rooms, breakout spaces, and cafeterias where they spend much of their day. Wireless charging deployed in these spaces sees heavy usage, and saves employees running back to their desks in search of a charger.

One solution is to provide charging cables, but keeping extra charging cables on hand requires piles of Lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C options. These cables aren’t cheap, fray easily, and have a habit of walking away. They create an unsightly mess in public places, and can even be tripping hazards. Wireless charging is simpler, safer, and more attractive.

More wireless solutions to come

Our customers are doubling down on mobility in the workplace with our wireless charging solutions, and we keep learning about ways the technology improves the office environment. With this week’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 wireless charging announcement, a huge cohort of your employees will be able to participate in the near future with no additional accessories required.

Now is a great time for facilities managers, operations teams, and IT departments to consider how they keep their employees powered and productive for the 21st century.

Sources: Frost & Sullivan

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