5 Hottest Trends for Wireless Charging Smartphones

By 2023, there will be 6 billion devices that support wireless charging.

Yes, you heard that right. Wireless charging technology adoption has gained pace and is being deployed into many devices, particularly with smartphones since Apple’s commitment to wireless charging in 2018, and this adoption rate is even faster than that of Bluetooth.

Devices with wireless charging capability now make up almost all of the high-end smartphones sold, and this feature is now in the hands of your customers and employees and they want to use it when away from home!

Smartphones keep getting bigger, but also getting glassy. From front to back, many of the newest smartphones are encased in gorilla glass and the reason behind that? Glass lets energy pass through to the phone so that it can be charged wirelessly.

Wireless charging is now the standard for charging, and as leading phone manufacturers move toward completely portless devices, the time is fast approaching when you will ONLY be able to charge your phone wirelessly. As we enter a new decade, we look forward to witnessing how these innovative companies will keep pushing boundaries and innovate further through technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the key innovations in the wireless world over the past six months:

1. Wireless charging being one of the hottest smartphone features

There are over 250 smartphones in the market with wireless charging capability, meaning 85% of phones that will be sold this year will be capable of charging wirelessly, and that list is growing every month. Wireless charging has become the go-to feature included in all of the flagship models from leading smartphone manufacturers.

2. Samsung revealed first foldable phone with wireless charging

Samsung Galaxy Fold 6

There is no doubt that Samsung has been writing the next chapter in mobile innovation history, and pushing the boundaries of what features and technology are possible in a smartphone. Samsung’s latest innovation: Galaxy Z Flip not only supports fast wireless charging, but it can share power wirelessly with other wireless charging devices – including all of their latest Galaxy range phone models and Galaxy Buds.

3. Samsung launches laptop that charges your phone wirelessly

Smartphone charging wirelessly on a laptop

We might not be quite there yet with wireless charging enabled laptops, but we believe it won’t be long till the South Korean tech giant releases their own wireless charging laptop. For now, Samsung has released two new laptops, Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion, that will let you charge any Qi-enabled device on it – a nice feature to top up your battery while you’re in a meeting or on the go!

4. Apple could finally cut the final cord in the future models

Close-up image of side of smartphone

Apple announced last year that all devices in their range from the iPhone 8 upwards are shipped with wireless charging built-in. Analysts are also predicting that Apple could abandon its charging ports altogether by releasing future models that are powered solely by wireless charging – that also includes the future generation of Apple AirPods and Apple watches.

5. Huawei released the world’s first reverse wireless charging tablet

Image of world's first wireless reverse charge phone on a big screen at conference

Following the launch of its first reverse wireless charging phone, the company released its flagship tablet model, MatePad Pro. Not only does it support 40W super-fast charging, it is also the first in the world to carry a two-way wireless charging function, supporting 15W forward wireless fast charging and 7.5W reverse wireless fast charging. Fantastic innovations which help keep essential devices powered for longer when on the move.

A wireless world is on the horizon

All the signs are there that businesses are waking up to the fact that wireless charging is becoming more and more of an expectation, more and more receivers are put in the hands of consumers. Forward-thinking businesses are looking to deploy wireless charging into their spaces as a response to growing consumer expectations.

In fact, our Workplace Experience Report has revealed that 50% of employees expect wireless charging in their office space, while our Guest Experience Report indicated that more than half of wireless charging device owners say that they would be more likely to visit a venue that offered wireless charging as a service – the reverse of that being that 25% of millennials have left a venue because they needed to find a place to charge.

Driving both footfall and revenue as well as underpinning user experience, there are endless possibilities for how businesses can leverage wireless charging to create more engaging experiences, drive customer loyalty and create new revenue opportunities.

7 ways wireless charging helps you create a safer, more flexible workplace

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