A4WP and PMA Merger – What Does This Mean For Venues & Consumers?

To kickstart an historic week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance announced the signing of a letter on intent to merge the two organisations. 

Until now the wireless charging market has been divided by three competing standards; ‘Rezence’ (A4WP), ‘Powermat’ (PMA) and ‘Qi’ (WPC) – making it difficult for consumers, venues and manufactures to make a decision about which wireless charging standard to employ.

The announcement of this merger, and the combination of market leaders into a single organisation, conveys a strong message to the market. The newly combined organisation will provide a stable, responsible, long-term, path forward that business decision-makers require ahead of the deployment of wireless charging infrastructure and services.

What Does the Mean for Consumers? 
A world in which wireless charging is ubiquitous is one step closer to becoming a reality. This merger will breed confidence with manufactures resulting in the production of more mobile devices, from laptops to smart phones, that will ship with wireless charging receivers built in.

It is also my belief that this is a significant step towards the consolidation of all three standards as a direct result of this merger. It promises to be a breakthrough year for wireless charging.

 Dan Bladen Founder & CEO

Dan Bladen Founder & CEO

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