Rewriting consumer expectations for wireless power

Today’s launch of Apple’s AirPower is a great moment for wireless power. AirPower contributes to an industry-wide move to all things wireless, redefining consumer’s expectations for how they are going to be charging their devices. This is Apple’s first wireless charging transmitter and it represents the company’s commitment to a wireless world. AirPower is capable of charging three devices at one time, and also has the ability to manage the charging system, allowing devices to communicate with each other regarding how much power they need.

The launch of Airpower will completely rewrite consumer expectations for wireless power. What happened with connectivity is now happening with power: the world is going electric and electric is going wireless. With power the basis for everything, carrying around a mobile charger will soon seem as outdated as having to connect an ethernet cable to get onto the internet.

If iPhone users wirelessly charge at home then they will expect to be able to do the same at work, while shopping or eating out, and on the go. Consumers will expect brands to keep up, or they will simply go somewhere else. Apple has given the green light to this rapidly escalating technology, and the time has arrived for businesses to enhancing their wireless strategy and create the infrastructure that consumers will come to expect.

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