#BatteryAnxiety impacts half of us every week

We’ve all felt that feeling of panic and dread as the battery on our phone or laptop conks out at a crucial time. Now, our newly commissioned research has revealed that ‘Battery Anxiety’ is reaching epidemic levels with over half of Brits (52%) revealing they suffer from at least one attack in a typical week and almost a quarter (22%) admitting they have between three and ten episodes a week.

With this in mind, it isn’t surprising that 56% of the 2,000 British adults surveyed say that wireless charging should be made a free amenity in public areas, with half of us saying we’d be willing to spend between £1 and £5 in a public venue simply to charge our phones and devices. More women than men (64% versus 51%) would be willing to spend anything up to £15 in a venue just to charge their devices.

Stay fully charged for friends & family

Yet, when it comes to feeling panicked about staying ‘fully charged’, it is family and friends who come first. Nearly one in five of us (17%) say that the worst time to run out of battery is on the way to meet our nearest and dearest, with 21% saying it is when we are travelling abroad, to work or to a meeting.

The research was commissioned as part of the world’s first ever Battery Anxiety Week, running from the 24th to the 31st October, which seeks to raise awareness around the stress we experience from not having phone battery and the kinds of solutions that are on-hand for consumers.

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-Founder of Chargifi:

“Running out of power while on the go is an experience that all of us can relate to. It’s this universal need for power that drove me to set up Chargifi and even now, friends, colleagues and our clients are forever texting me suggestions of places that need Chargifi – universities, trains, bars – even hairdressers. Our research shows that people consider wireless power to be an essential utility along with toilets, water and parking. Chargifi exists to empower venues to meet this crucial need.”

7 reasons why wireless charging for workplace in the new normal

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