Chargifi at CES 2016

The Chargifi team have landed! We’re in Las Vegas and look forward to meeting up with those attending the Consumer Electronics Show, 2016.

What a year it has been since we were last here. A reminder of our announcements since this time last year:

Our team will be at the Westgate Hospitality Suite 410 and on the AirFuel Alliance stand SL-4 for anyone that would like to see the Chargifi Platform for Power in action and discuss how our solutions benefit businesses and consumers alike. For anyone that needs a battery boost, please do stop by!

From coffee shops to hotels, trains, airports, stadiums and offices, ‘Chargifi spots’ form an intelligent network giving people access to power for mobile devices where and when they need it most. Chargifi’s network allows businesses to provide free wireless charging to their consumers, whilst being able to access customer data and analytics, monitor usage and use as a promotional and advertising platform.

For everyone attending CES 2016, have a fantastic show!

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