Chargifi To Enhance Fan Experience at US College Football Playoff Championship Weekend

In the run-up to the US College Football Playoff  (CFP) Championship game, Chargifi, the market-leading provider of smart wireless charging, is enhancing the hospitality spaces of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center by installing their wireless charging spots for the three-day Playoff Fan Central event beginning on January 4th, 2019, and at the Championship Tailgate at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on January 7th.

They will add 20 Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots to public areas within the convention center, allowing fans with compatible devices to charge their phones without the need for cables. The aim of the initiative is to showcase the benefits of wireless charging in public spaces, by providing convenient wireless power and allowing fans to stay connected, improving the overall guest experience at the event. Fans can also download the College Football Playoff app and play the scavenger hunt game, All Access, where you will win points by scanning the QR code on the Chargifi Spots (pictured below).

Chargifi’s deployment at the event is a response to consumer demand for convenient accessible power at public venues, giving guests a chance to share their playoff experience with the world without worrying about having access to power to charge their device. The cloud-managed wireless charging Chargifi Spots also give venues valuable insights on fan behaviour within their public spaces, allowing for greater space utilisation as well as increased opportunities to interact with guests. These latest deployments build further on a growing number of Chargifi Spots deployed at scale within sporting venues, with previous installations in the Mercedes Benz Stadium – home of the Atlanta Falcons, Twickenham, the Camp Nou, and the Levi’s Stadium, as well as participation in sporting events such as the Swiss Indoors ATP World Tour 500 and the Rogers Cup.

The College Football Playoffs are one of the biggest events of the sporting calendar in the USA, with the overall audience extending into the hundreds of millions, and fan participation reaching fever pitch. Chargifi, and the CFP hope that wireless charging will make it just a bit easier to engage with fans, and for those fans to share their enthusiasm with the world.

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