#9 The future of workplace experience with Envoy: Welcome employees back to the office with confidence

This week on our ‘Future of Workplace Experience’ series, we discussed with Justin Bullock, Head of Sales at Envoy on their phased return to the office and how Envoy Protect can help enable a safe work environment to bring employees back to the office with confidence. Check out our interview and key takeaways below.


Planning for a phased return with capacity limits

(Start from 02:54 to 05:05)

Ensure a safe return with Envoy Protect

(Start from 05:05 to 09:09)

Meetings in the new normal

(Start from 09:10 to 15:27)

Enabling a touchless environment with smart integrations

Accelerated workplace trends during Covid-19

(Start from 22:01 to 34:50)

As we prepare to return to the workplace, download our guide below to discover how wireless charging can enable a safe, touchless work environment, while providing valuable insights on space usage and occupancy.

7 ways wireless charging helps you create a safer workplace

Our guide reveals how smart wireless charging can enable a safe, touchless workplace, to give your employees the confidence to return. Sign up for our newsletter to get your copy now!


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