How far off is far-field wireless charging? And why we’re excited about it.

Wireless charging was truly everywhere at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2019. The flagship event for consumer electronics highlighted the growth of the wireless charging market over the last year, but also left people excitedly asking questions, wanting to find out more about the future of the industry, standards, and the difference between near-field and far-field wireless charging technology.

Fortunately for us at Chargifi, we’re fully prepared for the changes to come in the developing world of wireless charging.

What is near-field wireless charging?

Near-field wireless power, the technology that you’ll find in Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Google’s latest phones, requires the device to be in close proximity to the charger.

What is far-field wireless charging?

Far-field wireless charging enables wireless power transfer at a distance of ten feet or more, and this is what tends to get people really excited. At this point, however, the technology cannot deliver the power required to charge a mobile device, and is used to charge low powered IoT sensor networks. It’s clear though from CES that far-field technology is developing fast.

Wireless charging was truly everywhere at CES in 2019

Wireless charging was truly everywhere at CES in 2019

What is the difference between far-field and near-field wireless charging?

Far-field wireless power is much more complicated technology than wired or near-field wireless power,  because it drops off when the user is further away, so power inefficiency is going to be a problem.

Safety is another big issue, because the technology creates a constant stream of power wherever you go. So even if companies can win FCC approval and certification, they will still need to convince the general public that it is safe for use.

A platform for power

Chargifi CEO and co-founder, Dan Bladen stated:

“We believe that over the next five to ten years there will be a blend of near-field fast charging and far-field trickle charging in the market as companies continue to develop this technology.

“This is good news for us, and for our clients, as the Chargifi platform has been built, along with our IP, with far-field wireless charging in mind and we will look to support it commercially once the technology becomes standardized and embedded in end devices.”


At Chargifi, we are the ‘platform for power’ and can support any means of wireless power transfer. We are able to work with the hardware that is delivering power to your device. Chargifi’s cloud-based software, embedded in enterprise-grade wireless charging hardware, provides brands and systems integrators with a best-in-class solution for scaling the soon-to-be ubiquitous experience.

At the heart of this solution are the smart management, monitoring and monetization of data from mass deployments to help our clients drive better user experiences and new revenue opportunities.

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