Wireless Charging Helps Retailers With Millions Of Devices

In the retail industry, as it is across all industries, there’s a proliferation of devices retailers must consider in their environments – those of their customers and just as importantly, those their employees use to do their jobs effectively.  In-store sales associates are being equipped with mobile devices to help quickly resolve customer issues, including sharing needed product information, answering questions, and making suggestions to customers in real-time.  And, resolving customer issues on the floor can mean more satisfied customers and bigger profit margins for retailers as sales associates use devices to upsell and cross-sell, as well as accept customer payments directly on the floor.

With sales associates now using Internet-connected devices in-store to help service customers and improve the bottom line, retailers must also find an effective (and affordable) solution for keeping devices powered up and functioning.

Well, they could always install outlets and wired chargers in many places throughout the store, but that would be like installing a dial-up connection to get on the web. It would also be a tripping hazard for customers and associates that would drive up insurance premiums!

The other (and more viable) option is deploying wireless charging throughout the store. In-store sales people would be able to easily access power on the floor, so they can keep moving and servicing customers seamlessly from store opening to closing time.

Smart wireless charging can also provide retailers with greater insights that can help them make more informed decisions, particularly space planning.

Through a smart wireless power platform, an in-store sales associate would have access to accurate hyper-local anonymized location data based on where and when a customer is charging in-store, providing key insights on the most and least trafficked sections of the floor.

We’re only just beginning to scratch the surface of possibilities new technology offers retailers to create smarter ‘experiential’ environments, but we do know the world is going electric and electric is going wireless. The transformation to a wireless world is the next frontier retailers should begin to understand and address.

Source: https://barcode.com/2018073010891/wireless-charging-helps-retailers-with-millions-of-devices.html

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