#2 The future of workplace experience with CXApp: How to stay connected with your remote employees?

COVID-19 is impacting enterprises all over the world and we are currently experiencing the world’s largest work-from-home experiment. The need for collaboration and employee engagement is going to be more important than ever. Now is the time to understand what impact COVID-19 has on future ways of working, ensuring that your workplace has the right infrastructure and tools to enable the next level of mobility, productivity and engagement.

This week on our ‘Future of Workplace Experience’ series, we are honoured to have Leon Papkoff, Founder & Chief Strategist at The CXApp to share his recent observations across the enterprise workplace industry during this pandemic situation, but also how things are going to change in the workplace. Some key takeaways and check out our interview below: 

Top tips adjusting to ‘Working from Home’

We are technically in the largest global remote working experiment, here are some of the top challenges and tips to remain productive at home:

How do you stay connected with your remote employees?

How have companies reacted differently to Covid-19?

How do you think the office environment is going to change?

How to future-proof Desk Management beyond the New Normal

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