Major global hotel brand reports increase in revenue deploying Chargifi Wireless Charging

Earlier this year we deployed Chargifi’s wireless charging platform in a major global hotel brand, and today we can share the significant results of that ongoing deployment – an increase in revenue representing a projected 64% return on investment.

We installed Chargifi in the hotel’s 24-hour bar and monitored usage over a six week period. During that time we were able to show that the hotel’s guests charge their devices at the stations for a total of 4,270 minutes, with an average charge time of 37 minutes per device.

These results show people stayed longer at the bar, and importantly, spent more money while there charging their devices on the Chargifi platform. Also, let’s put the guest first and focus on what a great experience this was for them. It’s also starting to drive foot traffic, one guest using Chargifi actually said: “This would be the reason I come back!”.

We know the world is going electric and electric is going wireless – but it’s still so fascinating to see incredible results like these, and the positive impact that the wireless world is having on the hospitality sector – we are currently looking at a wider deployment across the hotel.

The presence of Chargifi wireless charging had a significant increase in dwell time, a significant uplift in sales and a significant improvement in the customer experience. Our solution has delivered against the objectives of increasing both guest satisfaction, as well as the company’s bottom line.

To date, the Chargifi platform has been deployed with some of the world’s largest hospitality brands, including Grand Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton, among others.

Chargifi is an enterprise-grade wireless charging solution, delivered via a centrally run system that manages, monitors and monetizes wireless power at scale for its global customers. If you would like to learn more about how wireless charging technology can improve your guest experiences and bottom line, we would love to share more.

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