Making the Connected Hospitality Vision a Reality with Wireless Charging

Over the past couple of months the Chargifi team has been immersed in the hospitality world, attending events such as HNTG and HOSPACE, and we have experienced real interest in wireless charging and technology innovation from this sector.  This is being driven by the trend for connected hospitality – a digital guest experience with the smartphone at the centre of it – from mobile devices as door keys, hotel apps delivering digital check-in and guest information, through to tech-enabled meeting rooms.

Innovative guest experience has always driven the hospitality industry as they look for competitive advantage, and they are turning to technology companies like Chargifi to find it.   As a market-leading wireless charging provider, we were recently invited to be part of Hilton’s new Innovation Gallery in McLean, Virginia, hosted by Intel Capital.   The technology-forward hotel group are looking for solutions to help them not only stay ahead of their competitors, but also for innovation that manifests itself into an experience that impacts guest perception.

Other players in this space, Marriott and AccorHotels, recently announced  they are actively developing their “smart” bedrooms to provide a connected and intuitive guest experience.   Whether it is a hotel, a conference venue or a business providing event services being able to provide guests with connectivity is critical to a positive customer experience, and access to power is the foundation of it all.

Functionality and aesthetically-pleasing environments, resulting in positive customer experience, have always been at the heart of the hospitality industry.   Businesses are creating dedicated tech lounges, satisfying guest’s desires for a more digital experience with stylish spaces where they can engage technology on their own terms as well as providing “smart bedrooms”.  With more and more devices now able to charge wirelessly, these spaces need to consider a more innovative form of charging, as power cables increasingly become likened to ether cables for internet service, or in-room landline phones for external communication.

With the recent announcements surrounding the wireless charging capabilities of the iPhone 8 and X, and that of the BMW car pad, wireless is going to be a major market-driver in 2018. Wireless charging is not only going to allow guests and event attendees constant power to interact in real-time, but it is going to enable the connected hospitality vision to become a reality.

If you’re interested in finding out more about wireless charging and possibilities it creates, please contact our sales team on or +44 (0) 20 3735 8784.

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