See you at Mobile World Congress!

We’re just days away from the world’s biggest mobile event. Mobile World Congress will be taking over Barcelona from 26th February to 1st March. The reality of a wireless world is set to be prevalent at Mobile World Congress. Following wireless charging integration into Apple phones last year, the wireless charging market is set to rocket to be worth 14bn dollars by 2024.

We’re expecting several device launches that will include wireless charging for the first time. Samsung’s S9 launch is already dominating the headlines surrounding the show.

The continued innovation around wireless charging will impact how future phones are designed and look, with charging ports becoming obsolete in the near future as wireless power becomes the norm. We’re excited to see more innovation around how wireless power is becoming seamlessly integrated in the world.

The Chargifi team will be at the show meeting with partners, friends and the wider industry. We’re going to be discussing the promise of integrated wireless technology including improved customer engagement, with the average charging session on the Chargifi network taking on average over 43 minutes.

We’re also delighted to be attending Intel’s Capital Technology Day, which brings together a group of technology companies to meet with key decision makers and influencers. We’ll also be providing wireless power at Intel’s meeting suites, if you’re interested in scheduling a meeting at the event to discuss the opportunities that wireless power can bring (or if you just need a quick recharge in between meetings), get in touch here.

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