The Hidden Power of Wireless Charging

People rely on their devices for everything today, from organising their social life to managing their working day. Providing convenient, wireless power in a venue means businesses have the opportunity to add real value to their customers’ day.

Now, being seen to be the saviour from ‘Battery Anxiety’ is one thing, but bringing convenient power into public places isn’t just about keeping our devices alive. Businesses and customer facing brands have the opportunity to understand more about their customers during the charging experience and engage with them relevantly, during that charge time.

This Summer, we are launching an intelligent marketing solution for those brands seeking to rescue ‘Battery Anxious’ customers and to learn more about them. The package was devised following our OnePoll research earlier last year [i] which showed that ‘Battery Anxiety’ is at its peak when it comes to social situations; with almost half of people (44%) saying wireless charging should be made an amenity in public spaces, and over 50% of all respondents saying they’d be willing to spend up to £15 in a venue just to access power when they need it.

This package offers brands the chance to save customers from their anxiety by bringing charging spots to busy spaces such as stadiums, airports, hotels, bars and restaurants, with their branding featuring on the wireless charging keys, charging surfaces and through an integration with their mobile app.

Contact us for further information on integrating convenient, intelligent, wireless charging into your brand experience.

[i] OnePoll research was conducted between 06/10/2016 and 13/10/2016 with 2,000 respondents

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