#4 Did you know? Upgrade your Chargifi experience with Manage 2.0

  • Author Jono van Deventer, Head of Product

Blog Series #4 Did You Know? May 2020
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Chargifi Manage 2.0 brings updated tools to manage your wireless charging networks at scale

Over the last seven years, we have pioneered solutions and products in the wireless charging space that have pushed the boundaries of how wireless power can be managed, monitored and monetized via the Chargifi Cloud. As we have scaled, so have our products. This month, we are introducing our newly revamped Chargifi Manage App on Chargifi Cloud. Manage gives you the tools you need to ensure wireless charging is always on and connected for your employees. This update includes real-time email alerts, advanced filtering and search capabilities, centralization of Chargifi Spots and the Chargifi Cloud Gateway details in a single view. Bulk Chargifi Spot and Cloud Gateway actions and improved workflows for managing and resolving alerts.

What can Manage 2.0 bring to your Chargifi experience?

Real-time Alerts Emails

With our new real-time alert emails, you’ll get notified for all critical alerts across your network – right to your inbox or a support inbox. This allows you to focus on the important stuff and let Chargifi take care of your network. It’s super easy to set these emails up!

New Alerts Overview Page

The new Alerts Overview page provides you with a complete overview of all your alerts – with the added ability to filter by Unresolved or Resolved Alerts. Each Alert contains a Floor Plan view of that Spot so you can diagnose and fix issues quickly.

Simpler Alerts Settings

All your alerts settings have been centralised in a simple view across all of your locations – simply choose the location and configure each alert type for that venue.

Update Spots and Cloud Gateway Overview

Filter and search across all your Chargifi Spots and Chargifi Cloud Gateways. Perform bulk actions on filters and searches, and click through to brand new Chargifi Spot and Chargifi Cloud Gateway Detail Views.

Chargifi Spot Detail Views

Our new Chargifi Spot Detail Page gives you Chargifi Spot information all in a centralised view. This gives you a summary, all outstanding alerts, all heartbeats that have been received, as well as network uptime, installation photos and floor plan view of the Chargifi Spot.

Chargifi Cloud Gateway View

You can see all your Gateway details, including all the Chargifi Spots connected to your Gateways, in the brand new Cloud Gateway View. Perform remote actions to the Cloud Gateway, update all Firmware on the Chargifi Spot – right from this central view.


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Blog Series #4 Did You Know? May 2020
View full blog series here

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