Chargifi updates: #WirelessCharging is trending

February 29, 2020

#WirelessCharging is trending

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you would probably have heard that wireless charging is now a key feature of all the leading smartphones. In our latest blog we explore the latest trends for these market leading smartphones and how these innovative companies continue to boost user experience. We are also seeing more wireless charging devices coming to market such as phones, headphones, tablets and very soon laptops, all indicating that wires are soon to be a thing of the past.

Brands are highly focussed on meeting the needs of a new breed of employees and consumers who are focussed on convenient power to stay connected at work and when away from home. Our Guest Experience report found that  25% of millennials were found to have left a venue because they needed to find a place to charge. We are seeing big high street brands such as KFC deploying at their new stores to help meet this need – and its trending on TikTok! This is a great example of the opportunity for forward-thinking businesses to drive customer experience, brand exposure and revenue!

We are super-passionate about our customers creating impact with their Chargifi deployments, so we have introduced a brand new blog series where we share new product features and top tips to help you get more from our solution! We hope you enjoy it, you’re welcome!

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-founder


Sunday Times name Chargifi as one of the best places for business!

Excited to see Chargifi featured as one of the best places for business in the UK. We look forward to be powering more amazing spaces in the year ahead!

Chargifi featured as part of Royal Ascot’s technology upgrade

Pleased to be part of Royal Ascot’s latest feature on Mondo Stadia discussing the latest technology upgrade at the racecourse. From Google ticketing, mobile payment to AR, Ascot wants to ensure a seamless mobile experience for visitors and convenient power is the key to that experience. Stay tuned as we reveal more about our deployment in the coming weeks!

5 hottest trends for wireless charging smartphones

Wireless charging is now the standard for charging, and as leading phone manufacturers move toward completely portless devices, the time is fast approaching when you will only be able to charge your phone wirelessly. Discover 5 of the hottest innovations for wireless charging here

Experience smart wireless charging at Smart Buildings20 London

Meet with our team at the upcoming SMARTBUILDINGS20, a unique conference exploring how technologies are shaping the future of work.  Interested to attend? Use our exclusive sponsor discount code SB20-LON-CHA for 20% off registration rate.

Powering British Legal Technology Forum 2020

Our team will be heading to at the British Legal Technology Forum next month. Drop by our booth #C9 and find out how smart wireless power can impact your employee experience.

DID YOU KNOW? Get powered up with Chargifi

Introducing…. our new “Did you know?” blog series, where we share new product features, tips and tricks to help you get more from Chargifi. This month’s blog reveals 8 new product features, including our new and improved floor plan viewer, and newly refreshed support centre to name a few of the highlights. Read more


Ditch the cable with wireless EV car charging

if it weren’t for plugs and cables, EVs might face a brighter future, sooner… Here’s how wireless charging is a key driver in making that happen. A single wireless charging standard could give the confidence needed to embrace this exciting new technology.

Dubai tests wireless charging for city buses and EVs

Dubai is testing dynamic wireless charging with EVs and buses. The first phase involved laying an embedded power-charging grid underneath 60m of roadway at the Dubai Silicon Oasis area.


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