Chargifi updates: Returning to the workplace with confidence

June 30, 2020

As we prepare to welcome employees back to the office, business leaders are looking to reassure their employees that it’s safe to return, whilst ensuring they feel engaged and connected. In this month’s ‘Future of Workplace Experience’ blog series, we invited workplace experts from IBM Tririga and Envoy to share their thoughts on redesigning offices and how to give employees the assurances they need to return to the office with confidence.

Heightened emphasis on cleanliness means the emergence of trends such as reducing touch points in workspaces, and ways to manage social distancing and cleaning schedules. Getting these basics covered means employees will be able to work safely while staying productive. We’ve put our thoughts on this into a new guide explaining 7 ways to get your employees back to a Covid-safe workplace – take a look!

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-founder

Envoy: Welcome employees back to the office with confidence


As businesses prepare to return to the workplace, Justin Bollock, Head of Sales at Envoy shared with us his thoughts on their phased return to the office and how ‘Envoy Protect’ can help enable a safe work environment to bring employees back to the office with confidence. Read more here

IBM: Reimagining the workplace with design thinking


We discussed with Paul Russell, Business Development for Smart Buildings at IBM Tririga on design thinking for the workplace through the use of technology and emerging new trends like the rise of community workspaces. Watch interview here

7 reasons why you need wireless charging in the new normal

7 reasons WX guide

Touchless experiences across workspaces mean things happen seamlessly saving time but importantly don’t require a physical touch, enabling a safe work environment for your employees. Download our new guide to find out more.

How to enhance employee engagement with touchless technology


New modes of working are going to raise new challenges to drive employee engagement and attract workers back to the office, assuring them the workspaces are safe to use will be key. Download our new guide to discover ways to enable a great employee experience with convenient wireless power.

Workplace Innovator Podcast w/ iOffice & IFMA

Workplace Innovator

Listen here to our discussion with iOffice and IFMA on the Workplace Innovator Podcast, where Dan shared his thoughts on the advancement in wireless charging, touch-free office experiences and how Chargifi can help businesses keep their workforce safe when returning to the office.


6 Chargifi integrations for touchless meeting experiences

Together with our partners, we bring seamless meeting room experiences to your workplace. In a post Covid-19 world, touchless experiences are going to become the norm and the expectation from employees – and Chargifi’s meeting room experience delivers just that. Here are 6 Chargifi integrations you need to know.


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