Chargifi updates: Back to work – Workplace reimagined

May 31, 2020

Back to work: Workplace reimagined

As companies assemble their back-to-work strategies, a key priority to many is to rethink, reshape and re-evaluate the role of workspaces. In our “Future of Workplace Experience” blog series, we asked leading workplace experts from Knotel, Ricoh and MAPP to share their thoughts on what’s next. Here’s some of the key takeaways:

  • More on-demand bookable spaces with controlled airflow, sanitizing stations
  • Touchless solutions in shared spaces like meeting rooms or desks
  • Hybrid modes of work – flexible working and virtual comms accelerated
  • Emergence of satellite offices reducing the importance of HQ building’s and campuses
  • Offices become a place to experience brand and culture

As we look ahead it seems that ‘work’ as we knew it, will become ‘work from anywhere’. This is a really healthy step toward a much more dynamic, flexible way of working and plays nicely into the previously emerging trends of preferred ways of working. Providing flexible technology that enables employees work seamlessly across different spaces will be more important than ever.

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-founder


5 ways to supercharge workplace space utilization

The global pandemic has changed the way we work, it is safe to say it will never be the same again. Download our guide to discover 5 top tips on how to adapt and find smarter ways to use workspaces, when you deploy convenient wireless power with analytics.

Knotel: Approach workspace planning with flexibility

Edward Shenderovic, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Knotel shared his insights on future workspace design and observations on how real estate portfolio strategy will change post Covid-19. Watch interview here

Ricoh: Prepare for your office reopening

Planning for your office reopening? We explored with Simone Fenton-Jarvis, Workplace Services Consultation Director at Ricoh on how companies can prepare for their reopening and why it is important to trust your employees. Watch interview here

MAPP: Embracing a new way of working

“The office has a future – it is just going to look different and needs to do something different than it has been in the past.” We discussed with Founder and CEO of MAPP, Nigel Mapp on rethinking the purposing of offices and using it as a tool to retain the best talent. Check out our interview here

Did you know? Power up with the Chargifi Cloud

This month we will be introducing our a newly revamped Manage App on Chargifi Cloud. This update includes real-time email alert, updated Chargifi Spot detail views and improved workflows for managing, resolving alerts. Chargifi Manage 2.0 gives you the tools you need to ensure wireless charging is always on and connected for your employees. Find out more here


The NFC specification is adding a new wireless charging standard

Wireless charging could be coming to even more devices in the future with new NFC devices offering wireless charging functionality, albeit in a way that’s far more limited than the popular Qi standard used by almost every other device.

Apple’s Next Magic Trackpad Could Offer Wireless Charging

Users can use the Magic Trackpad to wirelessly charge their devices like the iPhone or AirPods. Given that Apple has yet to release their own wireless charging mat, this sounds like it could be one way the company is approaching it.

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