Chargifi updates: Apple commits to a wireless world

October 1, 2018

Apple commits to a Wireless World

This month, thanks to the team at Apple, we have welcomed three new wireless charging-enabled smartphones into our lives.  Whilst this is nothing overtly new, the announcement signifies something much bigger – a bold, industry commitment to a wireless world. So, let’s think about what this means for you.

Apple is enabling experiences that were not possible before. Every time the team takes to the stage, our expectation of what technology can do for us, changes. Suddenly, watches with electro diagram sensors (ECGs) and accelerometers are the norm and improved photography and editing functions mean it’s possible for us all to become America’s next top model.

OK, not quite, but one this has remained the same and that’s the foundation to this user experience – power. In 2019, the vast majority of us will have upgraded to a smartphone that charges wirelessly and once we experience that, we won’t want to go back.

This shift provides companies with a monumental business opportunity. Why? Picture this – you have a very important call to make but you only have 4% battery left on your mobile and no charger on hand. Coffee shop A provides wireless charging and coffee shop B doesn’t. There’s no doubt about it, you’d choose A every time before you even begin to think about the beans..

Announcing Chargifi’s first deployment in Canada – one of Canada’s largest sporting and concert venues, Aviva Centre, recently deployed Chargifi to enhance its fan experience for the Rogers Cup.

Apple may be holding back on the launch of its AirPower wireless charging mat, but our CEO tells the readers of Verdict why the Keynote was still a monumental moment for the industry.

In the growing race for loyalty, customer experience is the focal point for all businesses, across all sectors. Our very own head of marketing, Irvin Gray, tells Marketing Week why we should be looking to B2B brands for inspiration.

Earlier this week, we powered up GCUC UK with a wireless charging station and participated in a Mastermind Session panel, sharing how wireless power can transform a workspace. Intrigued? Find out more here

The expectation of today’s hotel guest is higher than ever and the hospitality industry is under huge pressure to deliver a seamless, hyper-personalised and connected experience. If you’re a hotelier who’s keen to discover how to monetise on smart wireless charging, meet with us at the Hotel Distribution Event 2018 and Independent Hotel Show 2018 in London later next month.

GET- in-flight wireless charging

Global Energy Transmission Corporation (GET) has introduced new technology that solves the problem of limited electric drone flight times of just 15 to 30 minutes before batteries must be recharged or swapped. GET’s distance wireless power solution makes electric flight time limits thing of the past.

The countdown to Google Pixel 3

new leak shows the upcoming Pixel Stand appears to support fast wireless charging. Stay tuned, all will be revealed on October 9th.

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