Chargifi Inside 

Power made smart

Chargifi Inside Partner Program


The Chargifi Inside Program allows hardware manufacturers to make their wireless charging products ‘Smart’, so they can become and IoT device that can be managed from the cloud.

With Chargifi Inside, hardware becomes more than just a wireless charging transmitter. By connecting to the Chargifi Cloud platform, devices become part of an IoT network that can be monitored and managed at the edge.

Get live insights into how products are performing in the field, enable over-the-air updates as standards evolve, facilitate the development of a strong product roadmap, and service delivery to customers. 

“With the added functionality of Chargifi’s technology, we are excited to deliver enhanced services to our customers across hospitality, retail and enterprise environments.”

Jon Roepke, Director of Product Management, Belkin.

Chargifi Inside turns wireless charging into a service that creates ongoing revenue streams. We have built and tested the market leading cloud management platform for wireless devices. It is fully secure and reliable, and is already enjoyed by some of the world’s leading brands. Stay ahead of the market, and make your hardware smart with Chargifi.

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