Easy check-in to spaces

By placing the phone to charge, users show they are present and the resource is in use – effectively making their booking live. If a booking is made but no user actively checks in to the space, after a certain time the resource can be released back into the resource pool. This increases resource efficiency, availability, and satisfaction.

Available in both anonymous and personalized modes, a user can check-in and be identified through integration into a third-party software.

Personalized check-in

When integrated with a third party mobile app, a user is identified and checked-in to a space. Spaces can be booked for a pre-set time, or users can check-in to spaces on an existing booking. User can be located on a floor plan map with hyper-location data from the built-in iBeacon.

Easy booking

Check-in to any space by simply placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot. The space is then booked anonymously for a pre-allocated period of time.

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