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If you’ve used an airport recently, chances are you’ll have found yourself, or at least seen countless people, sitting on the floor beside the only plug socket available, hoping to get a few percent more battery before a flight. After all, you’ll need your phone for entertainment on the plane and for directions when you arrive at the other end. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to get power while you travel?

Seamlessly deployed, and cloud managed for peace of mind

Always ensure your customers get a premium charging service. We are experienced masters of deployment, offering the best solutions to seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your spaces. Dashboards tell you how your spaces are being used and highlight any issues that can’t be fixed over the air. It’s as simple as that.


The perfect VIP lounge treatment

Not only can passengers seamlessly charge devices, but by integrating Chargifi’s wireless charging into your loyalty program or app, you can immediately identify where VIP loyalty members are charging in your lounges, giving you an opportunity to improve their experience through deeper engagement.

Get attention with sponsorship while charging

Wireless charging offers a great way to attract traffic with the reward of powering-up. On average, a Chargifi user spends 45 mins per charging session – a perfect time to engage with them. Customers come to power-up as they travel, providing a great opportunity for sponsorship.

Custom branding and sponsorship of the wireless chargers can provide a new way of creating brand-awareness value from spaces that have high volumes of footfall traffic and dwell time. Once attention has been captured, experiences can be triggered simply by placing the phone to charge, enabling deeper engagement.

Use Chargifi to enhance passenger engagement

We don’t just provide just convenient power. Chargifi connects into your existing apps and software to enable a host of actions that boost passenger experience, allowing them to find their gate, see when they’re taking off, and interact with a loyalty program.


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