Location and wayfinding services

Find a free space faster. A Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot pays for itself when less than half a minute is saved per day (over a year) by an average employee looking for a meeting room. Know where your colleagues are and which desks are free when integrated to wayfinding software via Chargifi Connect.

Return on investment

Just 30 seconds saved per employee per day pays for one SmartSpot, all savings after that are simply adding value for free.

Beacon technology

Each Chargifi Spot is also a Bluetooth iBeacon and the increased density and hyper-location data from usage helps users find rooms, people and resources such as free desks and meeting rooms when integrated with third party wayfinding solutions.

Works with

aruba capgemini

Chargifi Spots with beacon technology help to identify which spaces are free and how to get there, whilst providing convenient power, the foundation to a great experience.

Jon Howell, Aruba

Smart Spaces and Experience Lead EMEA

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