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Touchless check-in to shared desks and meeting rooms

A touchless and seamless experience of checking-in to shared spaces means a safe, productive and positive experience for employees. Chargifi makes it simpler and safer to interact with spaces, in just one action of placing a phone on a Chargifi Spot, the user is safely and quickly checked-in.

Occupancy data from space usage and user interactions within the space, means spaces can be better managed identifying and avoiding Ghost meetings (booked, but no-show) and Zombie meetings (unnecessary recurring meetings blocking out schedules), which increases availability and boosts overall experience for employees.

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Personalized check-in

By integrating with third party Workplace mobile apps, the specific user is identified and checked-in. Spaces can be booked for a pre-set time, or users can check-in to spaces on an existing booking, previously booked through a meeting room booking application. When an identified user is checked into that space, they can be easily located by their colleagues for collaboration.

Easy, touchless booking

Safely check-in to meetings rooms and shared desks by simply placing your phone on a Chargifi Spot. Simply check-in to a space by setting a phone down to charge, the space is then booked for a pre-allocated period of time.

Return on investment

When 30 seconds ae saved per employee per day a Chargifi Spot pays for itself. Employees enjoy being happier and more productive within spaces.

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Chargifi provides convenient power as well as easy and intuitive
check-in for smart workspaces. This helps improve space utilisation efficiency identifying when a space is in use.

Joe Finlayson, Teem

Head of Enterprise Technology

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