As we scale, it is imperative that our Deployment Director moves closer to our sales teams and channel partners.   This has created a need for a Technical Project Manager to work closely with the Deployment Director, but within the product team to ensure that our sales, deployment and channel partners are supported by:

  • Best in class technical and operational standards that guarantee the excellence and efficiency of how Chargifi installations are fitted and maintained.
  • Product that is always scalable and fit for purpose - ensuring that our Product Roadmap always keeps deployment scalability and usability at the forefront feeding market need into our Manufacturing Partners, UX and software Engineering Teams

Key responsibilities: 


Definition and Evolution

  • Gather in2formation on the technical needs of clients for deployment at scale (both retrofit and refit) and ensure that these are fed back to both Manufacturing Partners, and our Engineering and User Experience Teams to ensure that the Hardware and Software which makes up our product are easy to install, are robust and as scalable as possible.

  • Ensure that our installations are as robust and safe as possible. Work with Installation Partners to understand best practice, ensure that we have a library of installation standards used and disseminate that best practice as and when required.   

  • Guard against overselling and under delivering - Ensure that technical considerations are taken into account as early as possible in the pre-sale process.



  • With the Deployment Director - For Installation Partners - Ensure that the standards applied i) Ensure that any technical qualifications required by fitters are identified and obtained (electrical, joinery etc..)  ii) Ensure that processes and standards are translated into coherent programme of training and partner enablement materials and establish a process whereby all fitting and installation partners are trained and equipped to the required level - establish a Chargifi Certified Fitter and Installer programme as a result.   

  • Develop a growing library of training resources and experiences that all of our partners can use.

  • Work closely with professional installation partners to enable scaling of our deployments, particularly with a focus on new builds and retrofits and ensure learnings are fed back to the relevant teams, materials and partners an into updates of the training programme.



  • Provide Managed Service Providers with field support when it comes to deployments as well as fielding platform related questions to help partners serve their customers better

  • Ensure that our After Sales Partners have the training and tools that they need to succeed and that ‘Monitor’ on our platform evolves based on live experiences in the field (i.e creation of new custom alerts, remote inspections, detailed alerting reports, etc.)

  • Manage the Warranty Process.


QA/QC and Audit

  • Develop the QA/QC and Audit Programmes that track how standards of fitting installation and after sales support quality are maintained by partners.

  • Agree and track the metrics which show how these efforts bear fruit through client and partner satisfaction. Formulate and execute plans to maintain and continuously improve scores against these metrics.

Background + Attributes we're looking for: 

  • Ability to work with and interpret the needs of clients. Ability to work with and get the best from suppliers so that we can meet those client needs.

  • You have a strong personal ethic and drive to succeed - but temper this with the humility and strength of character needed to listen, adapt and manage those around them effectively

  • Ability to thrive in a fast moving environment and the conceptual agility one needs to succeed in a young company with a big opportunity to succeed in a brand new market.

  • An Engineering Background with a strong understanding of electrical installation, networking and connectivity.

  • 5+ years of proven experience in a technical support role, working with hardware and understanding network connectivity

  • Demonstrable involvement with with IoT Operations as they scale -  and the ability to take responsibility for the Training, QA/QC and Audit Processes we need to assure standards and the metrics we need to monitor to track success.

  • Strong technical writing and presentation skills - ability to contribute to the delivery of training materials in a way that will be use and consumed across cultures.

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