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Wireless Communication

How does the communication work?

Electric Imp is Chargifi’s partner for IoT security, connectivity, and lifecycle management. We also use Electric Imp’s BlinkUp™ technology to commission our Chargifi Neutrons and SmartSpots during the deployment phase.

Network Topology
Every node (Neutron and Cloud Gateway) talks to every other node within reach to relay messages between themselves. The Cloud Gateway sends messages to and from the Chargifi server using WiFi or Ethernet.

What data is sent to the Chargifi Cloud?

The Chargifi Neutron sends some information to the cloud for analytics purposes. Mainly, we collect data on session charging times per SmartSpot.
For more information, please contact us and ask for our Security Whitepaper.

What are the WiFi and network requirements?

Your venue requires a wireless network communications link to facilitate a continuous two-way connection between Chargifi Cloud and your Chargifi SmartSpots.

Depending on which version of SmartSpot you get, you’ll have different network requirements:

– Version 2 SmartSpots require 2.4 GHz WiFi.
– Version 3 SmartSpots require 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz WiFi or Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.2.

The estimated daily bandwidth required for each Version 2 SmartSpot per day is as follows:

– Upload: 218 kilobytes per day, assuming the SmartSpot is online 24 hours a day and has 20 charging sessions per day
– Download: 10 kilobytes per day

How will my venue’s WiFi network be affected?

For Version 2 SmartSpots, each Neutron connects to a venue’s WiFi network as a unique device with its own MAC address and, therefore, requires its own IP address. Therefore, the venue’s network subnets need an IP address for each SmartSpot that is planned to be installed. A new dedicated subnet for Chargifi devices may be necessary. Similarly, each WiFi access point will need to be able to handle an appropriate number of simultaneously connected devices.
Depending on the volume of usage on the SmartSpot, each Neutron transmits around 200 kB per day.
If the network connection is interrupted, the Neutron can store data locally for a limited period and then transmit this to Chargifi Cloud when the connection is reestablished.

For Version 3 SmartSpots, your network needs space for the Cloud Gateways only and not each individual SmartSpot, thereby reducing the amount of space required in a subnet.

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