Wireless Charging for Co-working and Shared Workspaces

Co-working and shared workspaces are powering the multi-generational workforce with Chargifi.

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As shared workspaces pop up on almost every corner in cities across the world, workspace providers need to step up their member offering and stand out from the crowd.

How could our client ensure member loyalty and also entice workspace visitors to join them?


Millennials are entering the professional world and taking it by storm as they embrace new ways of working all centred around increased mobility. In fact, research has shown that over 5 hours of productivity is gained per week simply through being able to work on the go.

To set these young professionals up for success, they need power and lots of it.


By installing wireless charging throughout their workspaces, this provider is powering the success of their members in the workspace and also on the go. Through using the Chargifi
platform analytics, they are able to better understand the needs of their members and visitors and encourage use of meeting and collaboration spaces.

The big data collected through the use of wireless charging will be further enhanced by a roll-out of location based services to simplify the member experience in checking in and out and booking meeting spaces.

Business benefits

  1. Enhanced customer experience provides opportunities to convert workspace visitors into members.
  2. Higher member dwell time and usage of the workspace’s existing facilities.
  3. Enhanced member loyalty through customer-centric solution and ongoing customer experience tweaks informed by data insights.

Customer benefits

  1. Convenience of best-in class power and connectivity solutions throughout the workspace.
  2. More intuitive communication with the workspace provider’s team on upcoming events.
  3. Better working environment boosts productivity and loyalty to the workspace.

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