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Case study: Working From_ The Hoxton

  • Wireless charging becomes habitual for members, adding value to their day and great workplace experience
  • Insights show demand surge after midday as users begin to run out of power
  • IT team have full visibility of network health in a cloud dashboard ensuring a good service at all times
  • Members stay powered up and are more productive, and one less thing to worry about
  • Insights into how spaces are being used, which seats or desks are most popular

“We build convenient power delivery into the heart of our desk experience.”

Tom Rimmer, IT Director, Ennismore


Simply put, members need convenient access to power for their devices, without the mess of cables or having to remember to carry cables wherever they go. So the challenge for the Working From_ team was to find a managed power solution that could be deployed seamlessly into their environment, cloud managed and also having the longevity and interoperability to connect into their existing technology ecosystem for better overall member experience.


Over 1000 Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots were deployed into every desk across Chicago and London Working From_ locations to bring convenient power to the everyday member experience.

Easy access to power across workspaces means the freedom to move between spaces and give members the choice to work as they want to work. This helps boost productivity levels, and frees members from ‘battery anxiety’ and encourages a feel good factor.

As a design-led company, it was also clear that the technology needed to work with the space without compromising on the design aesthetics. Chargifi worked closely with the Working From_ furniture partner to make sure there was a seamless integration of the wireless chargers into furniture
, with a bespoke etching into the top of the desk for a minimalist and stylish look.


Ennismore working from london

“The importance of an open platform is a huge priority for us. We plan and design our spaces with the future in mind. We build in plenty of opportunities for expansion in terms of IoT and fun technology for the future.”

Tom Rimmer, IT Director, Ennismore

Chargifi powers Ennismore workspace brand Working From_The Hoxton

Download full case study for more insights and analytics on how overall member experience was enhanced with wireless charging.


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