5 ways to supercharge your workspace through better space utilization

Today’s increasingly mobile workforce and the move towards more flexible working, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, is changing current real estate requirements, from how much space is needed, to where facilities will be located, to how workspaces are utilized.

Discovering clever ways to maximize efficiency, productivity, and the utility of workspaces for a better return per sqft/m2 or per employee is now more important than ever. We have compiled our top 5 tips on how to make your buildings smarter and more efficient with better space utilization.


Enable flexible working with desk management systems

Hybrid working is here to stay and effective desk management will become a crucial element in optimizing workspaces and availability. With a cloud-based desk management system coupled with visual indicators showing availability status, desks can be freed up in real time for maximum availability, while employees can also easily identify safe, clean desks to use.

Employees will also expect more flexibility regarding work locations and choices of workspaces, moving away from assigned desks to ‘work from anywhere’. Most employees will want the flexibility to book wherever, whenever – whether that’s a week in advance or last minute, at home or on the go – so a workplace app with an easy-to-use interface will be essential.

“54% of employees want to use the office 1-3 days a week”

Global Workplace Analytics, 2020


Create smarter meeting rooms with touchless technology

Meeting rooms are often overcomplicated – largely due to needlessly complex tech and lack of availability. One trend that has been accelerated due to Covid is how we approach high-touch areas across workspaces, and the increase in prevalence of touchless technology to interact with spaces, that does not require physical touch. 

To combat this, integrate smart wireless charging points that connect with your room booking, video conferencing, or way-finding systems. This “tap to start” action will simplify set-up, enable quicker check-in and make rooms that are available, easier to find.

“9 out of 10 office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings.”

Chargifi Workplace Experience Report, 2019


Gain visibility with a deeper level of space utilization data

Draw clear and valuable insights with space utilization analysis. Measure which resources are actually being used, such as the time spent in your meeting rooms, at desks, or in collaborative workspaces.

For example, Wifi APs or sensors can give you data on how many people are in an office neighborhood and smart wireless charging spots with built-in sensors can offer more accurate hyperlocal occupancy data down to which desk and for how long. Analyzing these usage data helps pinpoint which spaces or desks employees are being used the most for more accurate occupancy forecasts and help drive data-based decisions.

“83% of corporate real estate executives rank space utilization as the key metric for making workplace decisions.”

Gensler, 2019


Maximize space efficiency and save on real estate costs

Make use of real-time space usage data to direct employees to available resources. The insights gathered through workplace management tools can help you optimize poorly functioning workspaces and cut real estate costs by repurposing underused areas.

By restructuring spaces to better reflect the needs of your people, you’ll also be improving employee engagement to better reflect the needs of your people. 

“UK businesses are spending over £10 billion a year on under-used office space, with 40% of office space not utilized effectively.”

Abintra, 2018


Aggregate space management data for a holistic view of your workplace

Cloud-managed solutions with straight forward APIs can help create an ecosystem of technology that works together through easy integrations with existing workplace management systems.

Connected devices also give you usage data, which can be aggregated with multiple data sources such as sensors to draw more accurate and valuable insights overtime to find out exactly how your organisation is using your spaces, allowing you to improve the efficiency of spaces and make informed decisions to protect employees, reduce real estate costs, and allow effective flexible working and collaboration.

“Over a quarter of CRE executives believe a lack of quality data for decision-making is one of the greatest challenges faced by the industry.”

Abintra, 2018

Stay in charge of your future

Chargifi empowers workplace leaders to unlock the value of hybrid working through frictionless experiences across workplaces. It powers a safe and touchless desk experience, using data that optimizes space utilization and informs systems from work patterns to cleaning schedules.

Chargifi’s end-to-end solution for desk management enables touchless desk check-in, wireless power, and light status indicator, giving employees confidence by clearly indicating when desks are safe to use. Chargifi for Rooms ensures safer and more productive collaboration with touchless meeting room booking and video conferencing.

Our space usage analytics help planners get more from their spaces by giving them insight into behaviors. Each touch point shows how employees interact with workspaces, which means data driven decisions can optimize expensive real estate and drive workplace experience.

Here’s how we can help you better utilize your workspaces and deliver more seamless, connected, and reliable experiences.

Step 1: Your needs 

We’ll talk with you about your business’ needs, discuss the possible revenue opportunities that can be unlocked, and determine your customization requirements.

Step 2: Site survey

Our installation team will review your site in person to identify the ideal places for your wireless charging spots and produce a detailed site report with a floor plan

Step 3: Individual proposal

The information gathered from your requirements and from the site survey will be pulled together into a detailed proposal, ready for your review.

Step 4: Installation

All units will be installed, fully configured, and thoroughly tested to make sure your venue is left functioning as it should.

Step 5: Mobile app & Dashboard

Now that your Chargifi Wx platform is fully functioning with full access to usage data and analytics. Download Chargifi WxApp to get started and unlock the benefits of flexible working.

Let us help you ensure a safe return to the workplace

Get in touch with our team here to learn more about how Chargifi can help you create a touchless workplace experience with smart workplace technology.

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