Chargifi Design Pack

Beautiful and convenient wirelessly powered spaces

You’ve spent a lot of time and money designing amazing spaces, and carefully considered the balance of functionality vs look and feel.  You need a seamless technology solution which adds to the functionality, but does not detract from the aesthetics. That’s why we’ve put together all the resources you need to get Chargifi’s seamless wireless charging solution into your spaces to enhance user experience.

Our design pack will show you the options that best fit your environment, whether fitted into existing fixed furniture like desks or added to movable furniture and temporary locations. We also advise on different types transmitter install options and various customisation and safety options for surface stickers. The Design Pack includes everything you need to get you started:

  • Design Menu
  • Installation Guide
  • Specification Guide
  • Sticker brand guideline

Get Chargifi Design Pack, and get started today.

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