#3 The future of workplace experience with Aruba: Planning for seamless business continuity

As COVID-19 spreads to an ever-growing segment of the global population, the top priority of every organization in this time of crisis should be on protecting the health and safety of its employees now and planning for the future return to the workplace. This week on our ‘Future of Workplace Experience’ series, we are delighted to have Keerti Melkote, Co-Founder & President at Aruba, to touch on just that and to share their incredible effort to support frontline health workers. Check out our interview below: 

How has Aruba adjusted during Covid-19?

Aruba has over 7,000 employees globally, you can imagine the scale and speed we needed to effectively communicate with our employees and execute plans:

How do you think the office environment is going to change?

How have companies addressed remote working differently?

“People move, networks must follow”

What has Aruba done in response to COVID-19?

 Download our workplace experience report here to find out how wireless charging can help enabling a seamless, ‘touch-less’ smart office environment.

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