#3 Did you know? 6 ways Chargifi helps you get ‘back to the workplace’

Blog Series #3 Did You Know?
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How does Chargifi help adapt to the ‘New Normal’ in the workplace?

Chargifi Cloud is built to manage large scale networks of Wireless Charging Spots, and provides valuable insights into how spaces are being used via charging session data. In this edition, we are looking at how Chargifi supports ‘back to work’ in a post-COVID-19 workplace, supporting and facilitating new cleaning regimes and social distancing via our space usage analytics.

Space utilization analytics such as real-time charging data enables operations staff to quickly identify high traffic areas and can be used to divert employees to less congested areas where it’s easier to maintain social distancing. Facilities managers use Chargifi Analyze to monitor regular cleaning of desk areas, based on usage data, ensuring they have a quick cleaning turn around and are available for use. Enabling social distancing and monitoring sanitary standards means employees have peace of mind in the workplace, and also helps maintain the wellbeing and health of staff in the workplace.

Enabling a touchless workplace

  1. Fewer cables on desks, means reduced possibility for contamination and contact. Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots reduce cables and clutter on desks.
  2. Having surfaces that are easy to clean are going to be important to ensure the wellbeing of your workforce. Chargifi’s under-the-table installation means no disruption to the surface, and stickers are easy to wipe clean. The application of antimicrobial stickers provides another level of protection.


Touchless check-in and video conferencing

3. Shared touchscreens risk transferring viruses and need to be cleaned often. Chargifi’s integration with Zoom Rooms ensures touchless quickstart video conferencing, and at the same time check’s the employees into the meeting room / shared space via your existing scheduling systems and a simple integration with Chargifi.

Chargifi data brings space utilization insights

4. Chargifi Cloud shows which Spots have been used and when; and by association which desks have been in use over a period of time. Know which desks or rooms have been used and need cleaning, or which spaces have the highest density of traffic. 

5. Having a real-time and daily view of your spaces enables informed decisions and gives the best chance in supporting your workforce and their needs. Chargifi’s live Spot data shows you which areas in your spaces are currently being used, and whether employees are keeping to social-distancing measures in the office. 

6. Daily at-a-glance overview data can tell you which desks were used and inform facilities and janitorial services team which desks need cleaning.

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Blog Series #3 Did You Know? April 2020
View full blog series here


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