#7 The future of workplace experience with MAPP: Embracing a new way of working

“The office has a future – it is just going to look different and needs to do something different than it has been in the past.” 

This week on our ‘Future of Workplace Experience’ series, we discussed with Founder and CEO of MAPP, Nigel Mapp on rethinking the purposing of offices and using it as a tool to retain the best talent. Check out our interview and key takeaways below.

Employee safety and assurance : The number one priority

Things are going to look very different when we return and you can expect a number of control measures in place at MAPP managed buildings, for example:

Embracing a new way of working

Planning for your office reopening? Download our guide below to discover 5 top tips on how to plan your workspace more efficiently with technology and data.

7 ways wireless charging helps you create a safer workplace

Our guide reveals how smart wireless charging can enable a safe, touchless workplace, to give your employees the confidence to return. Sign up for our newsletter to get your copy now!


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