Chargifi collaborates with Pointr to help employees easily identify and locate safe workspaces

November 4, 2020

San Francisco and London, November 4, 2020 Today, we announce a brand new collaboration with leading deep location services company, Pointr, to help workplaces across the country become COVID-19 secure. By combining our smart workplace technology with Pointr’s deep location services, we create smart buildings that help employees easily identify and locate safe workspaces. Occupancy data helps optimize space vs capacity by combining both occupancy data at a macro building level and at a hyperlocal workspace level. These data insights are helping workplace leaders make smarter decisions about how to comply with government guidelines and regulations.

“We are pleased to welcome Chargifi to the Pointr Partner Ecosystem. This partnership allows Pointr to leverage a new type of Bluetooth hardware, with the bonus of workspace specific benefits for both employee experience and space optimization for workplace leaders, to support our growing customer base. The Chargifi solution is a perfect fit across a number of sectors we already operate within, such as corporate real-estate and hospitality.”

Trevayne O’Brien, Head of Partnerships at Pointr


“We look forward to working closely with the Pointr team to enable Covid-safe buildings with workspaces that enable higher levels of employee confidence and also drive space optimization and safe experiences through our touchless technology.” 

Anthony Fulgoni, EMEA Sales Director at Chargifi


Contact tracing and replay paths

Our new collaboration also gives workers the opportunity to anonymously trace and notify people who have been in close proximity to a co-worker who has tested positive for COVID-19, which means those who are at risk of infection can be notified quickly without interrupting normal business practices. Using Pointr’s maps and indoor location technology, building managers can pin a location that has been in contact with an infected person and create replay paths of that person’s movements so that the cleaning team will know which areas need particular attention.

Safe distancing with geofencing and occupancy management

Chargifi and Pointr’s technology can also help facilitate social distancing guidelines are being met, while ensuring business operations can run smoothly. The technology can notify employees when a desk is occupied or if they are sitting too close to another person. The desks can also be set-up with predetermined work patterns, for example: every other desk is made available to enable 2m/6ft distance working. This not only helps with social distanced working, but also allows desks to be ‘rotated’ for cleaning.

Groups of desks that are either not to be used or are in need of cleaning will be identified via Pointr’s location-based notifications and made red for clear visual identification that the desks are not available for use.

Using Pointr’s dashboard, building managers can set an occupancy limit for each building or zone level and trigger alerts if there is a danger of overcrowding. Chargifi Wx offer hyperlocal desk occupancy data which can also be used to identify usage patterns, analyzing this data helps pinpoint which desks and spaces employees use most – which can help assess if a reconfigured office meets employees’ needs, whilst being used to optimize the use of real estate.

Safe Wayfinding

In order to help set up a one-way route for foot traffic, Pointr’s customisable wayfinding technology helps employees and visitors find their way to an available desk or the closest meeting room. Routing can be customised for one-way only or to avoid specific zones if they are being cleaned. 

Zonal analytics and congestion monitoring

Using Pointr’s heatmaps and location-based analytics technology, building managers will be able to see which areas in the building are the most congested at certain times of the day and how long they are congested for, which can be used to monitor and maintain social distancing. Employers are also able combine data from each platform to to inform schedules and stagger the arrival and departure of employees in order to minimise congestion.

If you’re interested in find out more about this collaboration, get in touch with our team here.

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