Chargifi updates: Workplace Experience Reimagined

March 31, 2020

Ennismore working from london

Workplace Experience Reimagined


Today, as the majority of us work from home, beautifully-designed offices all over the world stand empty. The current pandemic situation has impacted businesses in a myriad of ways and has forced us to rethink the way we work.

If there is anything that we have learnt in the past weeks, it’s not only that we can work remotely, but also how important it is to have social face-to-face interaction, even if it is over video conference! (virtual drinks anyone?) Secondly, if not set-up already, we are all trying to get the right set-up for frictionless working to remain productive at home, all while trying not to spill your soup all over your workstation (aka kitchen table).

The global workforce is currently being up-skilled in working remotely and this trend is expected to continue. The need for collaboration, employee engagement and flexible working is now going to be more important than ever – enabling staff to work with whoever, from whenever, wherever they want. Now is the time to understand what impact COVID-19 has on future ways of working and utilization of real estate, ensuring that your workplace has the right infrastructure and tools to enable the next level of mobility, productivity and engagement.

The future of work is going to be defined by better, smarter experiences and technology is set to play a much bigger role in that – now is probably a good time to re-evaluate how workplace experience can be enhanced for when your employees leave their home comforts behind and head back to the office. Hopefully the day will come sooner rather than later, but for now working from home is the new normal and our team is always available if you’d like to start discussing any future plans.

Dan Bladen, CEO & Co-founder


The future of work and the role of wireless charging

We caught up with Jon Howell, Smart Workspaces EMEA Lead at HPE Aruba to hear about his vision of how wireless charging can add value to both employees and employers to enhance their workplace experience. Read more here

New case study: Ennismore workspace brand Working From_

Chargifi Spots were deployed into every desk across Working From_ Chicago and London locations to bring convenient power to the everyday member experience. Read more about how we have helped Ennismore to enhance overall experience without compromising on design.

Talking ‘state of the wireless charging market’ with IHS Markit

Wireless charging adoption has gained pace and wireless charging-enabled devices now make up almost all of the smartphones sold in the market today. We sat down with Dinesh Kithany, Lead Industry Analyst in Wireless Power at IHS Markit, to discuss the state and growth of the market –

check out the interview here.

Our team spent a good productive day at British Legal Technology Forum earlier this month, powering the event with wireless charging spots deployed at the bar. In case you missed us at the event, chat with our team to find out how smart wireless power can impact your employee experience.

DID YOU KNOW? Get powered up with the Chargifi Cloud

For this month’s product feature blog, we are introducing 7 new features to help you deploy, manage and analyze Chargifi with ease – from new integrations into SSO platforms, enhanced floor plan viewer to Cordova plugin that enables seamless meeting room or desk check-ins.


Airpower isn’t dead and Apple reported working on a wireless charging mat

Almost a year later, rumours about the cancelled AirPower have once again begun swirling. Sources claim that Apple is still working on a similar product and reportedly trying to re-engineer the coils to displace heat more effectively.

Wireless EV charging and auto parking tech combined in car trials

The wireless future is here. Momentum Dynamics demonstrated high-power wireless charging on a passenger vehicle with autonomous parking, providing an effective solution for the charging of vehicles without the need for human interaction.

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