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Integration Scenarios

How can NFC or QR Codes be used with Chargifi Connect?

NFC can be used in the scenario where a user can tap the Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot to receive some information or message directly to their smartphone. It is a form of hyper-local messaging, and can be used in conjunction with a QR code which performs a similar function of getting the user to scan a code and directing them to a landing page on their mobile phone.

Smart Association

With the software development kits (SDKs) that are available in Chargifi Connect, you can leverage our smart association functionality to harness user data for analytics purposes. Bluetooth allows us to identify which user is nearest to a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot and, therefore, most likely to be charging at a point in time.

Hospitality Integration Scenario

Our SDK provides hotels with a means of positioning your app with guests and increasing downloads.

You can then use the app as a method of communicating with guests. For example, you can send special offers using push notifications or emails.

For more information, read about our hotel solutions here.

Workplace Integration Scenario

We have an integration solution with Aruba Meridian, which is a ’wayfinding’ tool. It allows you to show visitors and employees, for example, where they are in a building or corporate campus.

For more information, read about our workplace solutions here.

Food & Beverage Integration Scenario

By deploying Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots in your cafes and restaurants, you can get insights into behavioral data such as hyper-location and dwell time, and make use of new opportunities to drive revenue.

For more information, read about our case study and F&B industry solutions here.

Webhooks use events to trigger information being passed from Chargifi Cloud to our customers. Events could include someone starting or ending a charging session or, for example, a SmartSpot:
– Losing power
– Being inactive for unusually long period of time
– Having poor WiFi quality
– Having been deactivated
– Having been unplugged
If any of these events occur, it would trigger a notification being sent to you or potentially raise a support ticket internally.

– Real-time alerts can be shared with your customers should there be any issues with any SmartSpot(s) in their network.
– If you want to create your own reports or use a different analytics package, then you can send Webhooks data directly to your other systems.

Webhooks are sent using a REST API and via JSON payload. Therefore, a customer would need to have development skills internally to receive a REST API/JSON payload.
Lots of modern software products can receive and understand data sent using REST APIs and JSON formats. If this is the case, you might not necessarily need development resources to be able to interpret this.

How do I get Chargifi Connect and what can I do with it?

This is the most seamless, end-to-end subscription we offer. With Chargifi Connect, you can use our software development kits, APIs, smart association, and Chargifi Webhooks for push notifications to other platforms.

Please contact us for more information either by sending an email to us or by calling the regional numbers below:
– UK Enquiries: 020 3884 2705
– US Enquiries: 650 618 3929

What is the Chargifi API?

An Application Programme Interface (API) essentially allows two systems to ‘talk’ to each via an automated data feed.
It allows you to access all the information you could get through the front end of the platform as if you had logged on with a username and password, but instead of viewing it in Chargifi Cloud apps, it’s sent to one of your own internal systems.
So, for example, if you need to reboot a Chargifi Wireless Charging Spot or query session data, you could use an API call which sends that information from our system to yours.
We currently offer a REST (sometimes referred to as RESTful) API.

– Interactions with our platform can be automated.
– You don’t actually need to log on to Chargifi Cloud if you would prefer to view the information we provide in your own software.

Note: You’ll need technical ability or development resources to build the API calls on your side.

What is the Chargifi Software Development Kit (SDK)?

Chargifi’s Software Development Toolkit (SDK) provides you with out-of-the-box coding to help you to achieve seamless integration without having to build wholesale API integrations.

It includes:
– Chargifi REST APIs
– Chargifi Library is our Android SDK
– ChargifiKit is a Swift SDK that supports iOS 8+

– Our SDK can ‘gate’ access to power by positioning an app download before consumers are able to charge their mobile devices.
– Our SDK provides a quick solution to using your own apps in conjunction with our Chargifi Wireless Charging Spots as opposed to having to build new API integrations.
Chargifi SDK doesn’t send push notifications. You’ll be able to set that up in your own app once you’ve integrated it with Chargifi Cloud. Keep in mind you may need to modify your existing apps in order to receive information from Chargifi Cloud.

What are the different pricing options?

For more information about the different solutions and price packages we offer, take a look at our Features and Benefits.

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