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Convenient power enables great experiences

Businesses spend huge amounts of time, effort, and resources designing spaces to give employees, guests, or customers great experiences. The mobile-first generation expects to be connected all the time – and they need power. Chargifi is helping businesses make the most of their spaces, people, and technology by providing cloud-managed, convenient power as the foundation for a great experiences in their spaces.

“Businesses that lead on experience are deploying wireless charging now.”

Keerti Melkote, Aruba Networks

Co-Founder and President

Managed service, complete peace of mind

When you deploy wireless charging at scale, you want the peace of mind that it will always be working for your users. A cloud-managed service provides returns, not only by keeping a watchful eye over your network for a great service, but also by giving actionable-insights into how spaces are being used.



Connect into existing systems

Chargifi connects into your existing systems and digital infrastructure so all your systems work together as one and remain future proofed for the changing needs of your audience. Smart and seamless experiences, such as quick-start video conferencing, table ordering, and checking-in to meeting rooms and hot desks, are just some of the applications for smart wireless charging that forward-thinking businesses are now adopting to achieve more in their spaces.


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