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Keep customers connected with convenient power

Providing convenient power to your customers is an extremely valuable service, that helps them stay connected. This not only attracts customer but can mean they stay longer, increasing the opportunity for more revenue and customer engagement.

Chargifi SmartSpots are installed seamlessly by our professional expert partners, and you can choose to brand or minimize the impact of the SmartSpots according to your needs.

Actionable insights on customer behavior

Wireless charging is a unique touch point to engage with customers. Smart wireless charging gives insight into behavioral data such as hyper-location and dwell time, and provides new opportunities to drive revenue.

You can also relax in the knowledge that the services you provide have maximum uptime with the managed service of cloud-connected wireless charging. This means your network is continually scanned for issues, and if detected, can be checked and often solved over the air.

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Boost customer experience

Smart wireless charging provides a unique digital touch point for engagement around a service that customers really want.

By integrating apps or other cloud software, and blending customer data with behavioral data from wireless charging, a deeper understanding of customers can give insights on how to personalize and enhance the customer experience.

Frictionless experience@2x.png

Frictionless experience

A frictionless and functional experience for customers, that can drive app downloads as the app is used to unlock power. By integrating with your CRM, this allows businesses to track customer behavior and usage across your venue or even multiple locations.

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Increase productivity

Chargifi SmartSpots integrate with apps to allow your guests to order food, drink and other services directly from their device while charging, allowing a completely seamless experience.

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Drive spend through personalised targeting

Every time a customer activates a Chargifi SmartSpot with your app, you know exactly who and where they are, so you can show relevant on-screen messaging on digital signage and push promotions. For example offering a discount to drive sales of F&B and services.

“Charging facilities are one of those things that our staff gets asked about every single day. We really believe in wireless power and Chargifi’s approach to the power problem that all of us have; battery anxiety that Chargifi talks about is real for Singaporeans! We like the fact that we can implement this new technology easily, and their software platform and support allows us to optimize not only our wireless charging deployment, but actually our broader customer service.”
— Bruce Chapman, Managing Director